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Silencing Self-Doubt Challenge

Free Yourself from Self-Criticism and Self-Sabotage

Congratulations and Welcome! You’ve made wise decision!

what to do next

Here are some important steps for you to take so that you get the most value from the Silencing Self-Doubt Challenge:

Step One  - Add us to your email address book

To make sure that our mail reaches your inbox correctly, please add our email address to your whitelist:


Add this to your email address book and/or to “whitelist” (trusted senders).

If you’re on Gmail, next to the big reply button, there is a drop-down arrow. If you click that, the 5th option down says to “Add Melissa | The Random Mom to Contacts List.”

This ensures that you can receive all of the all emails, tips and goodies designed to silence your inner critic so that you can get on living your life.

Step Two - Signup for Text Reminders

Hold yourself accountable by no missing a beat. Signup to receive text reminders for each of the 10 days of this challenges. You will receive 1 text per day for the next 10 days reminding you to check out the information for that day's challenge. 


Text the work CHALLENGE to (626) 770-5343


Beyond that you will not receive texts unless you signup for alerts after the completion of this challenge. 

Step Three - Connect on Social!

I'd love to hear from you during along the way! Find me on Instagram and share screenshot of the top of this page to let me know that you're getting started so I can follow along. 


Don't forget to tag me  

Step Four - Download the Challenge Guide

Download the Silencing Self-Doubt Challenge Guide so you can follow along and make sure you don't miss the topic that just might be the breakthrough point for yourself.  

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