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What is Maskcara Beauty?

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Maskcara Beauty is a makeup line the is revolutionizing your makeup routine.

Their cream IIID foundation gives your face dimension with just one layer of makeup in a way that just can't be achieved with traditional liquid or powder foundation. The individual colors of Highlight (basic foundation), Contour (for shadows and contouring with coverage), Blush (for lip and cheek) and Illuminator (for glow and shimmer) are purchased individually. 

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Taking the plunge with a new makeup/skincare or any beauty product, really, can be a little scary. 

I'd like to give you the opportunity to try a few products before you purchase, but I have to mention something first. 

These samples (especlialy for our cream products, should be used for color matching/testing only. To get the full impact of how magical this makeup really is, you will need (A) more product than what is provided with the sample and (B) our high quality brushes to apply it with. 

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