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8 Elements of a Compelling Social Media Profile

Updated: Jul 1

You know that if you want to elevate your name and business, using social media is the way

to do it today. However, if you really want it to make a difference without wasting your time and effort, it’s important to understand how to create a compelling social media profile and stand out as the awesome you that you are.

Here are eight key elements to include.

An Interesting Picture of Your Face – If you want people to trust you, they need to see your eyes and face. The easier it is for your viewers to see your face, the more likely they are to find you interesting and trustworthy. But, be you! If you're not perfectly polished, don't stress over finding the "perfect" photo for your bio. Think about the last time a photo grabbed your attention and made you peep someone's profile. Was is a perfect little headshot? Or was their personality shining through where you felt connected to them. (see where I'm headed with this?)

A Telling Display Name – Your display name depends on the platform. In some cases, just using your own name is the very best way to use the “display name” feature. After all, you want people to know you as you. However, if you want to be known by a certain name or handle or persona, that’s okay too. Pro tip: If you are showing up on multiple platforms (especially if that includes in person) where people may look for you by your actual name, make sure you use an available space in the profile for your name.

A Keyword-Rich Username and URL – This is super-important because you don’t want the URL to be random. (no pun intended) The URL needs to have keywords and your username listed in a way that helps people find you. Or straight-up memorable, that works too.

Relevant Links – Within your profile (depending on the system), you need to add links to the information about you that you want your viewers to know. If you have several links to share take a moment to read my blog post about ways to share several links without blasting clumsy URL's across the interest. It might be links to your content, to your portfolio, or when allowed, groups and products you are promoting.

A Short but Audience-Centered Bio – When you write your bio (or any “about me”) information, it’s important to think of yourself in the third person and describe yourself for your audience in a way that your audience will relate to. Remember – it’s all about them and what’s in it for them, even when it’s about you.

A Little Extra Info about You and Your Interests – If you really want to become a real person in the minds of the people who view your profile and read your content, it’s important to also offer to them a little extra information about your interests and hobbies in a way that helps them connect to you on a human level.

A Background or Cover Image That Draws Your Audience – The background image that you share can offer further information about you and how to contact you outside of the platform you’re using.

Updated, Relevant, and Consistent Activity – Even though this is not about your profile data exactly, it is important to ensure that your profile on the platform is viewed by the people you want it to be viewed by. Make sure you put consistent, relevant content up on your profile on a regular basis.

Start with these tips to improve your profiles and then ensure that you tweak them slightly for each platform to ensure that your vibe matches the vibe of that network. For example, Facebook is a little more buttoned-up version of Instagram or Twitter. And Instagram and Twitter are also very different from each other.

If you work on ensuring your profile speaks to your audience and gives them the right feeling, they’ll be sure to follow you.

If you have a team or a friend in business that may find this useful, share it with them!

Let me know if this helps and what other tips you want help with! I've got tons to share.

If you aren't already connected with me on social media.. that's next on your list!

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